20 March 2017

Seven Full Days!!!

Happy first day of spring everyone! 

Going along with the theme of this month
trying new things
I, like my sister Kate, turned to Pinterest to find inspiration

I feel like my Pinterest is not used to the fullest
I save things all the time to my boards
Edit and delete old pins from them once in a while 
to make sure that what is there is really what I want
I never really pull from it for the everyday inspiration

I thought
What better way to put my Pinterest to the test
and try something completely new
then to put myself through seven days of Pinterest. 


I chose seven different boards on my Pinterest page.

To further the test of my boards and their actual application to my real life 
I asked my husband to choose seven pins he wanted me to try out
(That way I couldn't just choose the seven easiest and most applicable :) 

So say hello to the seven pins from seven boards that my husband most wanted me to try

I give you...

One a day for the next whole week.
So stay tuned.
I will be checking back next week to let you all know how I did

and now...

Wish me luck!!
(I'm so gonna need it!!)


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