10 April 2017

Hoppy Easter, Everybunny

I hope you enjoy my Easter-related bunny puns, because this post is all about bunny crafts for Easter. When spring comes around, I can't help but think about Easter - and the combined seasons make it easy to decorate your house. So if you want an easy but adorable spring craft that you can make on your own or with your kiddos then keep on reading because today, we are making pom-pom bunnies!

So, before you get started, here's what you will need:

  • Yarn in the colors you want for your bunny (I used cream, light grey, and dark grey) (also, the dark grey and cream were chunky, and the light grey was normal thickness)
  • Scissors
  • Pom pom makers
  • Felt for the ears (colors to match the yarn, as well as pink for the inner ear)
  • Thin yarn or embroidery thread for the eyes and nose (I used black and pink)
  • Hot glue gun

Okay, so here are my instructions on how to use the pom pom makers. I bought this set from Hobby Lobby, and they worked pretty well. This set has four sizes, and for the larger bunny, I used sizes 2 and 4, and then used the smallest size (size 1) for the tail). 

First, make the head. Set up the pom pom makers like the picture below, then stack them together. 

Wrap your yarn around your pom pom maker. Wrap the yarn so that it covers all of the pom pom maker, and use the same strand of yarn to wrap around both halves of the pom pom maker. 

When you are done wrapping the yarn around the pom pom maker, then put the two halves together to form a circle and use the clasps to keep the pieces together. Then use your scissors to cut along the space between the two plastic pieces. 

This is what your pom pom will look like after you cut around the circle. 

To finish off your pom pom, take a strand of yarn and lay it in the gap between the two plastic pieces, like in the picture below. Wrap the strand all the way around the circle, and then tie a knot - be sure the knot is very tight, since this is what will be keeping your pom pom together. Once you have tied your knot, then remove the plastic pieces and you will see how the yarn is in a little pom pom. To finish it off, use your scissors to trim the pom pom to the desired size. 

So now you have your bunny head! Now time for the body. If you want your bunny to have a little white tummy, then follow the directions below. If not, then simply make the body with a single color, using the largest sized pom pom maker.  To make a white tummy, put the two pieces of the pom pom maker together, and wrap the cream yarn around the center of one of the halves, making a V shape with the yarn. Go ahead and make it pretty thick too - no need to do one layer. 

After you finish with the cream yarn, use the same yarn you used for the head to wrap around the rest of the pom pom maker. Then cut along the gap between the two pieces and tie off your pom pom with another strand. Finish it off by trimming your pom pom to an appropriate size to fit the bunny head. If you want the bunny to sit flat on a shelf or something, then trim one edge shorter and with straight cuts rather than making it rounded. That side will be the bottom and allow the pom pom to sit flat. 

Finally, make the bunny tail. I used the smallest size of the pom pom maker with the cream yarn. Follow the same instructions as the head. When trimming the pom pom, trim half of it to be flat so that it will sit against the body easily. 

If you want ears and a nose on your bunny, then go ahead and do it now. I did black eyes on one of my bunnies, but then realized that it wasn't very noticeable, so for the other ones, I did not make eyes. For the eyes and noses, simply loop your yarn or thread through a needle and tie a knot on the other end. Thread it through the entire pom pom, and make an 'X' or a circle on the face side. For the nose, thread your pink yarn and make an 'X' or a 'T' with the yarn on the face side. When you're done making the eyes and/or noses, just pull the thread to the back of the pom pom and cut it. 

Once you have all of your pom poms, use your hot glue gun to attach the head and tail to the body. 

Now it's time to make the ears! I didn't use a pattern for this but just judged the size based on the size of the head. My first two bunnies were larger, with the dark grey, and my ears ended up being a little oversized, so I would say that you should make the ears smaller than you would expect. Use your grey felt to make the ear in a color that matches the yarn, and then make a pink piece that is slightly smaller than the outer ear size. Use your hot glue to glue the pink onto the grey. Then, if you want, glue the left and right edges together at the base of the ears to make the ears more rounded than flat. 

Once your glue is dry, then glue the ears onto the pom pom head, and your bunny is done! Again, my ears were a little oversized, but the bunnies still ended up being super cute. After I made two large, dark grey bunnies, I made a smaller light grey one. Now I have some adorable, fuzzy little bunnies around the house just in time for spring and Easter. 

Happy Easter, everyone! 
xo, Kate

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