20 September 2013

Fast, Cheap, and Easy Garbage Disposal Cleaner

Garbage disposals. We can't live without them. But heaven forbid, we have to stick our hand down there and grab that darn spoon that slipped through our fingers. Groooosss. Here's a way to clean those things up a bit and make them not quite so nasty, and give a breath of fresh air to your kitchen, too!

Garbage Disposal Cleaner

Cut up the peel of a lemon into small pieces. Put the pieces into an ice cube tray, a few pieces per cube. Fill the tray with vinegar. Freeze. Pop those frozen bad boys into a zip bag, and store in the freezer. Next time your drain needs a bit of freshening up, plop a couple vinegar cubes down into a running disposal (without water running). The ice will sharpen the blade, the vinegar will get rid of any odors, and the lemon will make the sink smell fresh!

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