06 February 2017

Love is in the Air

Ah, February. This month brings so many wonderful things, like tailgate parties and a plethora of food for Super Bowl Sunday, a not-so-cute giant rodent that sees his shadow and tells us we have six more weeks of winter (thanks, Phil, we really wanted more snow), a month-long celebration and remembrance of our African American citizens and the changes they made in our nation for the better. And, of course, who could forget the one day in the year that honors love and strikes fear in the hearts of some men: Valentine's Day.

Alright, I know Valentine's Day is a pretty cliché topic, but before you decide to skip this post, just hear me out. I know Valentine's Day is a big deal for a lot of people; it's a day where they can declare their love more affirmatively and spend more time with their sweetheart. I also know that Valentine's Day is also known to some as Single Awareness Day, and you end up buying yourself that bouquet of roses and box of chocolates. However you celebrate this day of love, this week I am presenting some fun and different ideas as to how you can make the most of this holiday.

I love the arts. Literature, art, music, theatre... it all brings this feeling of wonder, adventure, and excitement. Unless you absolutely abhor the arts and the bountiful joy that comes with them, I think you will find this idea quite riveting.

Let's take a look at this painting by Renoir, Dance In the Country.

I hadn't seen this painting before this weekend, but it's pretty great (plus, I'm a sucker for Renoir). Just look at this couple. They came out for a lovely lunch in the warm afternoon and have ended up on the dance floor. The movement in this painting is wonderful. You can see that this gentleman has just swept up his fair lady from their table, caught up in the music and his admiration for her. She's trying to hold onto her fan as they sway to the music and the man's hat (probably the man's) blows away in the breeze. Finally, just look at the young woman's face; she's looking right at us with a look that unmistakably shows how "completely, and perfectly, and incandescently happy" she is (Pride and Prejudice quote, anyone? It's quite appropriate for this Love theme). 

When I look at this painting, I think of the love, the joy, the fun, the spontaneous nature that a relationship should have... especially the spontaneousness. And these don't just describe romantic relationships. Being spontaneous makes life fun and interesting; it brings life to relationships as you build memories with someone you care about. And men, I can tell you that most women will love a little spontaneity in a relationship every now and then. 

So, we have a week to prepare for Valentine's Day, and here's what I propose: do something spontaneous this week or on Valentine's Day to show those you love how much they mean to you. If you need some help, here are a few ideas: 
  • Randomly buy or pick flowers for your loved one on a day they're not expecting it (like Valentine's Day or birthdays) 
  • Share a fun, special memory you have with that person 
  • Grab your lady's hand and start dancing with her in the kitchen 
  • Take your loved one to their favorite restaurant just because 
  • Watch their favorite movie at your next movie night (even if it's a super sappy chick flick, guys. Seriously, it will mean more than you think) 
  • Leave a note in their purse, backpack, lunch... somewhere where they'll find it later in the day 
The list goes on and on. 
I'm sure you have heard of all of these, and hopefully you have done some of them, too. But let's face it. It's the small acts of love that mean the most, especially when they aren't performed on a day they're expected, like Valentine's Day. So go out and show your love! Don't go crazy, but, you know, just let those you care about know how much you really care. Trust me, it will make them feel like a hundred bucks, and both of you will feel the love that should be felt on this LOVEly holiday. 

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  1. Love how much detail you saw in the painting.....Here's to spontaneity! Thanks for the reminder


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