13 February 2017

Hug, Hug, Kiss, Kiss

Nacho Libre is a movie that our entire family loves, and we could probably quote the entire thing. One of my favorite quotes from the movie is when Nacho leaves a note for Sister Encarnacion that is signed ooxxooXoXXx; in other words, "hug, hug, kiss, kiss, hug, hug, big kiss, little hug, kiss, kiss, little kiss."

With it being February, hugs and kisses become more prevalent than any other time of the year. Why not add a little more love to your home with this adorable and terribly easy banner? Seriously y'all, this banner was so easy to make and it adds some fun and festive decor just in time for Valentine's Day. All you need is a few supplies and a couple of hours and you will have some extra hugs and kisses hanging around your home!

Here's what you'll need to get started:

colored paper (I used cardstock, 2 pieces of each color)
a pencil
some tape or a stapler
if you'd like, some kind of yarn or twine to hang your X's and O's on
paper cutting scissors (I bought this pair from Hobby Lobby, and I love them!)

Now, I can't take credit for thinking of this adorable banner pattern all on my own. I found the instructions on this blog, but I'm going to give you some quick instructions here as well.

To start, use some regular printer paper or lined paper to make a template for your X and O. Try to keep them the same size - I did my X first and then made my O based on the size of the X. I ended up using a can of pumpkin to trace the large circle and a circle stencil for the middle circle, and it worked perfectly.

Once you have your templates, it's time to trace your X and O onto your colored paper. When you trace the X's, be sure to fold your paper so that the top edges of the X are along the crease. This will create two X's from the same cut, but you want to make sure they remain attached to each other.
When you cut your O's, cut them out of a single layer of paper.

Now trace and cut out your X's and O's like a mad woman! I had a total of 10 pieces of cardstock and ended up with 22 X's and 25 O's; however, if you want to use all of the pieces you cut, then make sure you have equal amounts of X's and O's.

So now you have all of your X's and O's ready to assemble! Here's how to do that:

  • take an X and open it along the creased edges. 
  • Use your scissors to cut the right folded edge, as indicated in the left picture below. Then fold or roll your X longways into itself so it's really thin and slide an O over it. This will put the O over the left folded edge.
  • To close off the X, place another O over the bottom right leg of the X, then tape or staple the two open ends of the X together, as shown in the bottom right photo. 
If you'd rather use some yarn or twine for your banner, then simply attach your Xs and Os directly to your yarn.

Continue linking together the X's and O's until you have used all of your letters, or until it's as long as you'd like. This banner can get pretty long, so if you don't have a large wall space to hang the banner on, then you can easily divide your letters and make two or three shorter banners. Once they're all linked together, then you're done - all you have to do is hang it!

And just like that, you have some colorful, love-inspiring Valentine's decorations. I also took some of my scraps and made some heart confetti to add around the house.  <3

I almost feel like this banner can serve as a Valentine's Day-like mistletoe: once you see it hanging on your wall, you can't help but turn to your loved one and give them a few extra hugs and kisses.  Now it's your turn to spread some affection around your home during this season of love. Happy Valentine's Day, y'all! <3

xo, Kate Holland

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