20 February 2017

The Valentine You Forgot

Valentines day has come and gone, and although you have expressed your love to your spouse, family and friends I guarantee there is one valentine you forgot this year, 

Self-love is one of the most quickly overlooked and forgotten aspects in our society. Why is that? Why are we the first ones to forget about our own well-being? It is not selfishness to take care of your own needs. 

I’m not talking about superficial self-love. The kind that magazine ads, commercials, and Hollywood want you to believe is most important. Not the kind that is captured in that perfect selfie and then washed off that night.  Not even the kind that you get from going to the gym or sticking to your diet perfectly.

True self-love comes from inside and radiates out.  
It’s a mindset, a way of living.

So what are some things that we can do today to show that forgotten valentine that we love them? How do we create a daily ritual of self-love?

Turn off your phone, your TV,  your laptop and take a few minutes daily to get to know yourself a little more. I promise you are worth your time. 

I have been loving the method of moisturizing with intention. After your daily shower when you are good and relaxed take this time to thank your body for all that it does for you. As you moisturize your eyes love them for all the beauty you see through them. As you moisturize your lips love them for the smiles and words they express. As you moisturize your hands love them for all they help you accomplish. As you moisturize your feet love them and thank them for taking you everywhere in your day. Continue your love and awareness as you nourish each part of your body.

This usually takes only a few minutes, so I like to add a little reflexology massage to my routine. I follow this guide I found on pinterest. Again, it only takes a few minutes but the benefits are lasting.

I know it might sound cheesy and it might sound lame but give it a try. Just once. You might be surprised. If you find that this method doesn't work for you that is totally fine too. Just don't give up. Find a way that works for you to center yourself.

Slowing down, listening to your body and being mindful and present in the moment will benefit you and in turn all of those that you love. 

If you truly love yourself and realize what a blessing and a treasure your body is you will not fill it with harmful sugary, fatty or greasy foods, you will want to nourish it with good whole foods that have lasting benefits for your wonderful body. You will not want to go to the gym because you have to be as skinny or as ripped as ________. You will exercise because you know your body benefits and grows when you use it well. If you see the good in yourself you will easily see the good in others as well.

If you do try this method out I would love to hear about your experience in the comments below. 
If you find another method that resonates with you let me know what you do in the comments. I would love to try them out myself. 

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